Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Bug!

Tuesday was Bug’s first equipment foundations class. I was very nervous given Bug’s attitude about new stuff, i.e. tendency to be nervous/hesitant.

But the boy surprised me – he is getting braver!! Hip-hip-hooray!

The class is made up of two young dogs Buggie knows - Tessa, Vizla and Aidan, AS. The only problem is that Buggie wants to play with them. Just kidding - it's not really a *problem*. What is VERY cute is that Aidan is a blue merle with tan points - so we have a big and small version of the boys.

We worked on going over jumps. Bug thought 8” looked intimidating, so we dropped it to 4” initially. He was flying over them and being SUCH a great boy. Katrin said, "ask him for a stay." I scoffed. See previous post – we have only worked on wait in doors, but - surprise! - wait translated quite nicely! He was super.

We took a break and then worked on the teeter. Buggie wasn’t too bad about it. He was a bit hesitant, but didn’t put the brakes on – either about going up the teeter or Katrin holding onto his collar. Hooray! I was getting worried that Bug would think Katrin equals nail clipping!

Then we did a short sequence - wing jump, tunnel, jump. For some reason Bug would not go into the tunnel initially. I tossed a treat in it and Katrin “yelled” at me. I was being a goof. A cardinal sin – the treat tossing, not the goofiness unless said goofiness involves treat-tossing into tunnels! Bug got over his momentary, "This isn’t my tunnel – it’s YELLOW" and did it the next time without issue.

I am so pleased with how the Bug was in class – he really seemed to enjoy himself. When we were doing the sequence he actually opted to take the wing jump AGAIN on the way to the start line. Whatta boy! Not that I want him taking equipment willy-nilly but it is amazing to see him, a dog who was afraid of jump stanchions a few weeks ago, take a wing jump at 8" for HIMSELF! A jump with wings! Because it was in his path.

I think I should break the teeter out for Bug and Carmen. Last time Carmen was on the teeter at Erin’s she almost flew off and it has definitely made her a creepy-crawler about the teeter. I am considering playing teeter games with them - I am undecided at the moment but definitely mulling it over. Definitely lots of jumps in the backyard for the Bug in his near future!

Super class - I am so happy to see Bug gaining confidence.

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