Friday, September 12, 2008

We are SO not living in the 80s, people~

This morning while walking the dogs I encountered a loose chocolate Lab. I have encountered him once before and he was super - laying down to greet Ike. This morning, while he was not reactive - he was on alert and he did not lie down. Ike and Bug had a lot to say to him.

I live on a cul de sac that is off of a "cut-through" street off the main drag in my town. This dog lives off of the cut-through street on the other end of it.

I really think it is a hazard to open your door and let your dog roam wherever he wants. When I was a kid we let our dogs run loose, but I also backed up to more than 250 OPEN acres in a subdivision - not on a well travelled street. Last winter I personally saw two dogs get hit by cars on the main street. One died and the other appeared fine. I suggested the owners take the dog to the vet but I have no idea if they did, and if he really was fine. Both dogs were running loose at the time. I do not want to offend the owners but I think they need to know how far their dog is travelling (on his own!). In addition my town DOES have a leash law. This morning was really stressful, Bug wanted to play and Ike wanted to react; AND the dog kept following us!!

I am thinking I might write a NICE letter alerting them to how far their dog is travelling on his morning excursions and that this isn't the first time I have encountered him on the "other" side of the street quite some distance from their house. While the dog does have superior dog skills, it is still a hazard IMO.

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ann-and-partner said...

I agree. Now that school has started the dog might decide to fallow a child.