Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bug's Equipment Foundation Class

After last Tuesday’s class, with the Bug not wanting to jump much, I KNEW his pelvis couldn’t be in alignment. Ta-da – it was not. The boys had matching out of alignment pelvis-es! Anne saw them last Friday, Monday, and will see them again tonight. Oi! The upside is I can tell Bug is now in alignment by what a silly-goober-corgi he is being. Even Katrin commented on how crazy/happy he was at the barn last night.

What does all this tell the proactive dog owner? Bug needs to be on a chiropractic maintenance schedule and I need to start doing some serious conditioning to build up his core muscles. I am going to look into Get On the Ball - Debbie Gross Saunders’ program for building core muscles in dogs.

Overall class went well last night. He was stellar on the A-frame and teeter. I need to convince him jumps are fun and I plan on doing so with toys! I have a dog who LOVES toys. I need to utilize this!! I also need to recognize he is a smart little bugger and will use his corgi wiles to play me, given a chance.

When this session ends I plan on taking the CGC class with Bug and then I would like to take Communications again. I want and need to take things VERY slow with the Bug in order to build his confidence up. In the five months he has been with me he has really started to blossom. I see a definite difference in his demeanor in the 3 (or 4?) classes of Equipment Foundations! I think if we take Communications again it would really be a benefit to both of us – and to our agility career together!

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