Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chiro Update

Both the Bug and Ike held their alignments. Thank you, dog gods!! We have an appointment next Wednesday and then we are going to try two weeks out. Dr. Anne wants to play it by ear with Bug and his maintenance schedule.

It is funny, Bug is so happy with Anne. He wagged on the TABLE at her. He totally gets that she makes him feel better. Very cool!

Last week when I went to see Anne I told her that Bug seemed to have an ear infection and was showing some brown staining near his lower lip. My suspicion was a food intolerance of some sort. Due to Ike's distressed GI tract I had been feeding a fair amount of beef. Well, wouldn't you know it - Bug isn't tolerating the beef. Sunday I noticed Bug had a very red scabby on his chin! He hadn't taken a header or done anything else scary or stupid lately. hmmm....I called Katrin and she said that frequently happens to Niche when he is not tolerating a certain food.

So, no more beef for the Bug. When I told Anne about the scab on his chin she asked what sort of bowl I am using to feed him. I told her it is stainless steel. She tested him and suggested I switch to ceramic and stop using Kongs because of the plastic. Argh!! What am I going to do?! No kongs? I might have a mutiny in my house!


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

...there's no plastic in Kongs?

I can't find any site that suggests they are not 100% rubber.

We are HOPING to get ostrich tendon chews in at work by the holidays, so there will be some Christmas joy for beef-free dogs like Bug and Tessie ;)

Jules said...

Interesting - I must have just assumed plastic. Regardless he tested sensitive to it. : (

Ohhhh!! Ostrich tendons!!

Jules said...

I will definately have to check with Anne next week - I wonder if it is the pb? That would be weird.

Holly said...

Wow. I know plastic bowls may cause irritations, especially in cats. ay I ask why a stainless steel bowl is not a good idea? That is all I have ever used. Very interested...

Jules said...

No idea. I will ask her on Wednesday I have about 15 stainless steel bowls! I am going to ask her about the Kongs again, too (of which I have at least 6!).

I will say that once I stopped feeding Bug the beef his ears and chin-scab immediately cleared up. Granted with his ears I was washing them at night, but new gunk stopped appearing!

Blue said...

No Kongs! Poor Bug!!!

That's really cool that he knows being on the table for Anne makes him feel better. I hope Iris feels the same.

Jules said...

The only change I have yet to make is removing all the beef chews and kongs. And guess what? His chin is looking VERY red. I *hope* it is just still healing, but it looks like I will be eliminating these items from the Bug's every day rotation. ::sniffle::

I hoep iris likes Anne too - it is cool to see Bug respond to her like that.