Friday, October 17, 2008

Communications #4

Last night in Communications class we worked on eye contact, backing up, moving waits, and hand touches. I also ran Ike over the teeter and dog walk a couple of times for fun before most of the students got there.

Katrin set up some channels to work on backing up and Ike did REALLY well. Typically he does a crouchy sort of backing up. Last night in the channels he really utilized that rear end. Hooray!

Ike also got some petting from Ann (with LR Partner) and didn’t mind all the youngsters at all (pretty young class – Ike is not only a ringer but an old man too!). He barked once at Teddy (Sandy’s new-ish AS pup) and that was random. He did give Teddy a couple of warning growls when Teddy was trying to greet me, but Teddy was very respectful and Ike didn’t act like a jerk with unecessary follow-up. Thank you, Bug!

Ike is definitely enjoying Communications. We need to make next week’s rally drop-in at Masterpeace. Ike wants more one-on-one work!

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