Friday, October 31, 2008

The Happiness Continues.....

Last night was the last night of Communications. I brought both Ike and Bug since John was away on business and we weren’t sure what time he would be home.

Ike worked for most of the class, but I did bring the Bug out for a bit. We were working on teaching “Go” using a target plate. Holy doGs! I forget what an incredibly fun game Ike thinks this is.

But first I must admit that I YELLED at Bug – loud enough that Katrin came out of the barn to make sure everything was okay. I had both Bug and Ike out to potty before the students arrived. Ann was there with Partner (LR-SD-IT) and Bug was being a jerk. Barking and PULLING like a beast and growling at Partner. He was paying zero attention to me. Finally I yelled, Knock it Off. And guess what? I did NOT receive a belly. Bug knocked it off and kind of gave me some wagging “b-u-t….. Mum” faces. No melt-down!! This is HUGE!! I am still flabbergasted. I guess we have a relationship! And his confidence has grown! :D

Ike had a blast playing “Go.” He was super with Teddy (Sandy’s new AS puppy) and Daisy a 6 mo Lab/Poodle puppy. Sandy commented on what a change there is in Ike – he is so much more tolerant of dorky puppies. I think it helps that Teddy is pretty respectful of Ike. I am not sure if it is the Cat’s claw and Life Exxtension, being totally in alignment, or the fact that he hasn’t worked much in the last 3 months, but BOY is Ike happy.

I brought Bug in to work on the target plate, too and he no longer fears poles and offers a nice nose touch – even with the distraction of PUPPIES to play with! He was still being a bit of a jerk though – he growled at Calebo (LR)! Bug likes puppies because he thinks he can boss them around.

Then we practiced having the dogs run a half-circle of jump bars. Bug was SUPER!!! Happy and confident! I think doing the CGC class this session and then doing Communications and Equipment Foundations again are just what the confidence-doctor ordered!

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