Monday, October 13, 2008

Hiking, Weaves, and Downs

Yesterday John and I took Ike, Bug, and Nellie for a hike at the Middlesex Fells. Not too long a hike, but very enjoyable none-the-less!

I think Bug is Nellie's best friend.
She hopped in his crate with him after the hike!

Today I worked on weaves with Carmen. I am fading one gate currently. She did super!!! We started with working on the ladder and interspersed ladder work and down-waits with weaves and jumping. Although fading the cages is going to take some time and commitment I think it is going to work and she will end up keeping her bounce through them - therefor it's worth it!

I worked Ike on the same things. He had the idea of the ladder in two seconds. It is funny because when I started training with Katrin he SO was not operant!! Now he offers behaviors and thinks outside the box much more frequently. It is cool and it gives me hope that Carmen will become braver in terms of offering behaviors. I just don't know her as well yet.

Bug worked on jumping with a toy reward. This worked really well although he is still not convinced jumping is fun. He went after a squirrel and wouldn't listen to me, so I started running toward the house. hah! I have never seen those little corgi legs move as fast as when he thought I was leaving him!

We also worked "down" at a distance. I am so proud of him, Bug downed readily with a toy in his mouth from about 20 feet away. I *think* we are ready to try it with sheep!


ann-and-partner said...

When you went hiking do you start out in Melrose or Stoneham? Melrose is where I live, Stoneham, Sheep fold is where I sometimes take Partner. Lots of dogs! There is a new place also in Melrose. I haven't been yet but I've heard it's very, very nice.

When I run away from Partner, he barely looks, doesn't care! Is there something I can do to change that?

ann-and-partner said...

P.S. Great pictures!

Diana said...

Great pictures of the park. Now thats a hike. Diana

Jules said...

It is right off the rotary heading into Winchester, I think. Is that Melrose? It has a pretty small parking area. I have never been to Sheep fold. I have heard about it though.

With Ike, I would probably avoid it - he tends to get overwhelmed by lots of loose dogs and people.

Where we go you can pick up the Skyline Trail pretty easily which is a decent hike (with inclines, etc).

Katrin said...

WOW! Busy day!