Thursday, October 9, 2008


Saturday Carmen is entered in the Hilltown Hounds CPE Trial in Conway, MA. I anticipated our weaves being further along and entered her in Level 2 Regular. Well….our weaves are stuck at the moment. And in fact it looks like we will be forgoing weaves for the foreseeable future and working on them ALL winter.

I noticed in the confirmation e-mail that it says changes after 10/6 are a $5 fee. Hmm…I e-mailed the trial secretary today to see if it was legal by CPE to move her back to Level 1 Regular as she has not yet competed in Level 2. It is!

This is great news since there are only 4 classes and I planned on scratching Regular. Leaving me with 4 hours of driving and 3 classes. I was bummed. Now we can at least run in that class (I am not running classes which include weaves as part of a set course until Carmen’s weaves are SOLID). It will be good trialing experience, it “counts” toward the intangible qualities of creating a confident agility dog even if it doesn't "count" toward a piece of paper. The other Level 2 classes we are entered in are game classes, so I believe we can avoid the weaves with strategy, if they are even in the course design.

Of course I just received my handling title (CL1-H) in the mail last weekend and realized she need to be in Level 2 Colors, too. Argh – what a pest! Maybe I will get lucky and can move her up in that too.

It is kind of cool – the judge is the judge that was at Ike’s very first trial ever. She gave me Snooker nightmares (I had never encountered the game before then and it was a TOUGHIE!).

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