Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Safety: It’s That Time of Year

This is the time of year where my safety concerns switch from dogs left in cars with the windows rolled up to early morning/evening walk safety.

The boys and I take our first walk of the day at 6am. Here in Massachusetts it is currently pitch black for the whole walk. We have a variety of walks we take – some with sidewalks, some without. I do not trust people driving in the morning to see us – after all, one of my dogs is black!

Last year I bought Ike a reflective vest from PetEdge (these vests are also good for the woods if it is hunting season). I also bought a variety of cheap reflective leashes, but all of them only had reflective tape on one side. I was too cheap to buy the RuffWear leashes which have reflective strands woven into them.

This year we have been doing a lot of walking without sidewalks or street lights and people seem to be driving very fast. As a result, in addition to my small LED flashlight I bit the bullet and bought two RuffWear leashes at Especially for Pets. To my delight RuffWear makes a lighter leash that is also cheaper! $23 compared to $30 for the thicker leash (and on sale currently at the RuffWear web site for $18.70 +s/h). Not peanuts, but worth it for the boys.

My other hesitation about these leashes was the carabiner they have as a clasp. I was under the impression that you had to unscrew it every time. Not true. You do NOT have to lock it at all and in fact I think the carabiner – not locked – might be easier on the hands that a regular clasp.

I also bought these great reflective collars that you can Velcro on for walks from Spot The Dog at EFP. They are very easy to take on and off, only $10/ea, and a welcome addition to my safety arsenal!

Due to Bug’s white I don’t really think he needs a vest like Sir Ike, but I certainly need to look into something for me. It would do no good to have me be hit by a car and have my dogs survive!

Any suggestions from other safety-conscious walkers?


Holly said...

How about a reflective vest for you? I googled and found this site: http://www.advancedsafetyequipment.com/sales/specials.html

Diana said...

I do wear a reflective vest. I know the neighbors think Im a geek but to bad. Early in the morning, people dont stop at the stop signs and they speed through the neighborhood. We dont have sidwalks in our neighborhoods. Diana

Jules said...

I am with you, Diana. I would rather be a geek and alive!

Thanks, Holly. That link has some great prices. I think a vest is definitely needed.

Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

We have the same lead and we removed the screw piece for ease becasue if you don't lock it you have to make sure the clasp completeley closes and doesn't catch the screw piece because if it does the lever can pop open and suddenly there is no dog on the leash.

Because we didn't have a slip lead handy we also turned it into one for the trial this weekend! I like their products.

Jules said...

ohh!! Thanks for the tips. I will remove the little screw bit!

The ruffwear products seem very durable - I got some booties half price last year at Smartpak - super nice.

Holly said...

I am not familiar with this latch, but can you add a regular hook to it? They sell them at hardware stores.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

For what it is worth, we have a TON of clearance/closeout collars and leashes at work, 40% off, including some reflective leashes kinda similar to the one you have as well as some hunter-orange and similarly hideously bright stuff.

Sam said...

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