Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on the Boys

Wednesday I took the boys to see Dr. Anne. Hallelujah! Ike is doing well – he gets to take a week off! I think adding the Life Exxtension (now discontinued – I had to stock up!) and cat’s claw has made a tremendous difference in his response to the Lyme. Next weekend is the Alternatives to Lyme seminar – I HOPE it is useful. I heard good things about the presenter, David Dalton, when I asked around.

Bug had his first full-body alignment now that his pelvis is all straightened out. I asked Anne about the stainless steel and she said she feels Bug has a sensitivity to it. Same with the Kongs. I mentioned to her that I was thinking about Kong’s as plastic and could she retest…. Same result – sensitivity. : ( Poor Bug.

I brought the Vetri-Science multi-vitamin and Glyco-Flex the boys take. They are both beef based and I wanted to be sure Bug can continue to take them. Yes. I also brought some beef tendon and bully sticks that I had bought in bulk. Nope. Bummer. Looks like I will be ordering some ostrich tendons. Robin also recommended some dried fish skin that SitStay carries. She said it takes her corgis a surprisingly long time to eat them.

Wednesday, during the day, I left Bug out of his crate with Ike. Gulp. Guess what I came home to? Multiple toys in every room!! Bug played ALL day. He is such a silly goose! The boys seem happy with the arrangement – today is day 3 – we’ll play it by ear.

Tomorrow Bug gets to go herding and we try out our down with sheep!


Blue said...

Glad to hear that both boys had good visits with Dr. Anne! Sounds like Bug knows how to keep busy during the day :)

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Clean Run has fish skin chews as well (I think the same kind as SS) and I may be doing an order with them soon -- I'll keep you posted.

Alternatively I am hoping to do an order with these folks by the end of the year...

Free shipping on orders over $49, and I intend to spend more than that anyway.

Jules said...

Yes! I am going to order a boatload of thos ostrich tendons and knuckles - I think. LMK about Clean Run.