Monday, November 17, 2008

CGC # 3 (How I Continue to KILL the Meaning of Words)

Yesterday was class three of Bug’s CGC prep class. The new additions to our repertoire were:

Test 6: Sit and down on command and Staying in place

Test 7: Coming when called

Test 10: Supervised separation

Bug is doing stellar with “sit” and “down.” We need to work on our “wait.” At about 10’ he thinks he has waited long enough. This is completely my fault as we haven’t practiced AT ALL. This week I will work with both boys separately downstairs in the mud room. Ike will be working on downs in place. Bug will be working on stay. He was perfect with coming when called.

As the title of this post alludes to, I have also been attempting to negate the meaning of Bug’s name. huh? While loose leash walking instead of using a nonsense word when necessary with “Let’s Go” or “With me” interspersed, I have been doing a nonstop litany of “Bug, Buggie, Bugaboo.” Repeat ad nauseum. Hit me with a bumper, please. I think Katrin would have had she had one handy. Instead she verbally reminded me that I was very quickly making his name mean…. NADA!!

Sh!te. What am I doing? I NEVER did this with Ike. It’s a confidence issue for me. I do not feel confident that Bug will walk WITH me so I do this barrage of verbal tics that unfortunately include his name. I am not yet confident about our relationship. What’s really odd is that for the most part Bug is EXCELLENT on leash – rarely attempting to take me for a walk.

So, I am going to start using “boo” as my nonsense word because I have an aversion to “Pup, pup, pup” (‘cause I am a contrarian like that). I will also try to start using “With me” when Bug is giving me super attention and is indeed with me.

This morning I started re-orienting him to the fact that his name means something. On our walk (about 40 minutes) I called BUG at 5 different points and rewarded him with cookies for immediately turning towards me. Of course Ike says – “Right here, mum” and is IMMEDIATELY at my side. Good goober.

When we were practicing our heeling and halting in class, Katrin had us walk around our dog while in a stay. Bug was fine with that. I think that long back allows him to swivel his head better than Ike or something. He did a great job holding his stay and we NEVER practiced this before.

In other CGC prep news, one of the students brought her children with her to act as part of the crowd. It was a GREAT distraction for Bug because he LOVES kids. It must be a cardi thing. He sees them and says “oh hiya!! You must be my fan club!”

Bug also did his first supervised separation and was totally cool with it. Good boy!

I think the biggest things we need to work on are my mouth, Bug’s stay, and maybe his feet? He takes feet handling as an invitation to act like a complete goof – doing the shoulder grind and saying “Don’t you want to rub my bum?” I might ask Lisa to do this portion of the test next week, too. Just to see if he does it with everyone or only Katrin (who he loves even if she does torture him).

After class I took Bug to the Dirty Dawg Wash to get rid of some of that fur he is shedding and the red sand from Diane’s. Holly and Katrin will be so proud of me – I figured out how to blowdry his bum hair so he doesn’t have a crazy cowlick back there. We are set for the UKC show in terms of beautifying (if nothing else)!

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Katrin said...

LOL about the blow drying! Good for you!!!!