Monday, November 10, 2008

Ike = CERF Normal


Friday I received a call from Animal Eye Specialists - Carmen had an appointment scheduled for today at 10:20. Huh?? Our appointment is scheduled for December - it has only been about two weeks since we saw Dr. Donahue.

I called AES this morning at 8am sharp and asked if since Carmen was scheduled anyway, Ike could come instead and get CERF tested. No clue how Carmen ended up in their schedule today since her appointment in December also exists. Hmmm....serendipity anyone? They said sure.

Ike's eyes tested normal. Dr. Donahue recommended getting them tested annually, but for now he looks good. I also asked about contributing Carmen's blood to the OptiGen DNA testing database for Miniature Schnauzers and he said if I bring the paperwork in December he will complete his part. Hooray.


Diana said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Diana

Katrin said...

thank heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue said...

Yes! You must be so relieved.