Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kickin' the Bucket

Katrin's right, it is pretty funny.

We are making bucket progress. The bucket is still in the middle of my kitchen. So convenient. Both John and I keep accidentally kicking it and out runs the Bug to touch his nose to it. Hooray!! I am also feeding him next to it and since his bowl moves, he moves and then he bumps into the bucket.

Of course, Ike thinks the bucket is the best thing ever. “Oh, are we working? Let me touch the bucket, paw the bucket, circle the bucket, bump the bucket, down at the bucket, try the paw again.” Exhausting just watching him!!

Bug will touch his nose gently to it after I have kicked it. He will stare at it and offer a down. He will – if Ike isn’t about – take treats OUT of the bucket. Of course, if Ike is anywhere near the bucket Bug cannot even get to it!! Teacher’s Pet, that one.

Now we need to start working on the bucket being swung about and clanging down.


Diana said...

Very funny. Its amazing how fast Bug can get over an issue. I was just glad they didnt bring a bike into the CGC testing we did. We would have never passed. Diana

Jules said...

Yes, I am lucky - he is surprisingly resilient. It doesn't take *that* much work for him to decide "oh, that's not *too* scary."

Now, if it were a bike or a wheelchair we would be set! ;D

Holly said...

Honor Bug is such a good boy and Julie you are so good with him! Thank you for adoring him!

Dawn said...

At our TDI test, the instructor threw a big phone book, so it was a more solid sound. You might want to practice some "Mom is so clumsy" moments at home too. I dropped pan lids, books, all sorts of things and it seemed to help. Good training with the bucket though-we might have to try that too.