Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of those days....

Yesterday both classes had a common *problem* denominator....ME!!


In a nutshell, I was junk and my dogs' responses were interesting. I had a lot of anxiety about the election (unfounded as it turns out - wooeeee!) and was emotionally spent by the time I got to class last night.

I expected Carmen and I to be fine because we are not as connected as Ike and I are. Well, Carmie was a bit off and Ike was happy as a clam! He has figured out after many years that just because mum is junk and stressed doesn't mean he has to be and that he can't have fun - most of the time at her expense!

Things to work on:

MY SHOULDERS!!! I am becoming much more aware of them and the havoc they can wreak if I am not paying attention.

REAR CROSSES. If my dog is flying use one. If my dog is poking - don't!!

CONSISTENCY. As in mine. I seriously left my brain at home last night.

DISTANCE. I want to make this a priority with Carmie. Last night was not a good night to try and work on it - fortunately I did not try! ;D

Things that went well:

Handling the serpentine - with both dogs. Hooray!!

Carmie's weaves and the tire - at least initially before I realized she was having an "old-school Ike nite" and really wanted to just go hang in the crate!

Teeter performances from both dogs.

On to next week - it will hopefully not be as ugly!!

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