Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canine Eye Exams - A Good Idea

I belong to a Schnauzer e-mail list that is very active and has many informed members. When I first mentioned my concern about Carmen's eyes one of the longtime members and breeders stated that she feels "performance" dogs should have their eyes checked on an annual basis. I kind of took it as her typical hyperbole and shrugged it off.

However, I have come to believe it is a good idea. Our classmate Makin (Vizsla) has just recently been diagnosed with an eye issue.

Neither Carmen or Makin were doing agility prior to this year, but the idea of having an annual exam or every other year exam makes more and more sense for a performance dog. Like humans, dog's eyes change as they age.

A CERF exam only costs $50.

I think $50 is pretty reasonable for both peace of mind and the potential to cut off development of an eye issue early. Something to think seriously about.

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Katrin said...

And if you go to a dog show that offers a CERF exam they usually only cost $25 or so.