Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night Bug and I attended the drop-in handling class at Masterpeace. It went really well. Kerry commented on how much more confident Bug seemed. I am sure part of that is my confidence level. I am not as freaked out!

On the table Bug was great about letting me adjust him. For the most part I remember the pointers from previous classes. Lead around my neck, Bug’s front feet placed as close to the edge of the table as feasibly possible, move feeties from above. You can tell he is an old pro at this. Once he was on the table he was “working.” I know that free stacking on the ground is what we want, so I am thinking of working with a clicker to try and get him to place his front feet closer together.

Kerry had us do a triangle and I noticed that people were handling the corner a couple of different ways. I asked Kerry if it mattered. She said it depends upon what you are trying to show the judge. Interesting.

I am getting excited about our first event. I hope it goes well!

Last night I also picked up some of the ostrich jerky everyone has been raving about ($5/4oz – minimal ingredients). It is dehydrated Oma’s ostrich and the boys give it a big paw up. Particularly Ike who is looking at an even more low-fat future. More on that later.


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

That ostrich jerky is AMAZING. I credit Tessie's success last weekend to it. ;) It's also very convienient to be able to pick up a bag of it at the start of a training session as there is really no "defrost" time since it's dehydrated.

The only bad thing is that people at shows keep asking where they can buy it! :(

Jules said...

I know - I was wondering if the price would have gone up.

I am seriously considering purchasing a dehydrator - I have been thinking about it for a while - now even mroe so!