Thursday, December 18, 2008


Bug and I attended handling class again last night. It went well. Due to the holidays there are no handling classes for the next two weeks. Then I have a chiro appointment with the boys (1/7) and our first UKC show (1/10)! Gulp.

Last night there was another Cardigan there! A blue merle with tan points! Very cool! She could have been Buggie’s relative in appearance.

I really need to work on picking him up and putting him on the table. I am SO not graceful.

I also need to work on adjusting his feet. I remembered to move from above but was holding his leg too low. Kerry suggested I move his leg up higher, near the shoulder. She said it typically does not bother the dogs as much.

Bug was very happy gaiting and I remembered to relax my hold on the leash while he was doing so!

Lisa was also there with her Vizsla Ryan. We spoke to Kerry after class and she gave us the low down on the Hartford location (February show). Does not sound very nice AT ALL. In a cold basement with a marching band practicing. And a not very safe neighborhood.

I am seriously reconsidering it as my choice for my first AKC show.

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