Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quickie Training

Worked with Ike on "down" means stay in a down! And let me walk around you.

Fronts....continue to be very crooked and ugly. This is going to need some serious rehab and advice from Katrin/Jenny/Marlene. Perhaps even a private or at the very least SO much more practice/rehab it makes my head spin.

Around - moving to my right and behind me. MUCH smoother than it was Saturday!! Thankfully Ike is a quick learner.

Bug worked with the rake. The rake comes into a neutral position (upright) you move in. The rake moves out (think sweeping leaves away from you, but one motion, kind of?) - you move out.

He actually seemed to think it was fairly fun. I did incorporate clicker and treats, so that is probably why. I am also using a larger rake per Diane's suggestion.

Short and sweet!

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