Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rally-O #2

Ike and I had a very good time at class today. Much improved from last week. It was a little quieter and we were both more on the ball.

New things to work on.

Ike will not down and allow me to walk around him in this environment. Or rather he will down but pops up when I start tomove. Need to work on this and then proof while outside and in more exciting places.

Left about turn. Oh, difficult. Remember to turn toward my dog and then bring him behind me.

Straight fronts. Currently they tend to be VERY crooked. Part of this is surely that Ike is not in alignment but most of it just needs training and refining. I find if I use both hands and pull them just a wee bit toward my left knee I get a straighter sit.

I forget what the other station we had a lot of trouble with was called - it was the second one and involved a front and then you took your dog to the right and behind you. I remember what we did, just not what it was called. Maybe Marlene will. Anyway, I need to work on Ike moving around behind me.

A general thing I need to work on is him being tighter with me (in terms of heeling and turning) - I think this will come with practice and comfort.

After class was over I tried to get Ike out to sniff the signs before they were all picked up. He finds the cones and signs fascinating. I am pretty sure this is because he is not clear what the rules of the game are yet and "touch" is one of his default behaviors. Touch is the first operant thing he learned - so he always reverts to it.

I am really enjoying the class and am bummed there are only two more. I will have to see how I can continue with the boy. The tough thing is I already have three weekends occupied in January and two in February so I definitely cannot take another session then. Hopefully I will figure it out. Ike seems to be enjoying himself and isn't too worried. Hooray!


Marlene said...

I think you are refering to the come front, finish right and walk off. No halt at the end of the finish! I think Ike did excellent and is getting along well with everyone!

Jules said...

Exactly! We accidentally halted though. It is a lot like dancing!