Sunday, December 7, 2008

Toe Success

The last two times I have clipped Bug's toe nails and have had my husband John hold him. I learned an excellent technique with my attempts with Katrin. I have John sit in a kitchen chair. He picks Bug up and holds Bug, with Bug's back against his (John's) front. Then I clip.

The first week I just did his rear nails since his front nails wear quicker. He gave John a corgi head butt, but other than that it wasn't terrible or as stressful as it had been when we were trying to work on it at Katrin's house. I wonder now if the different location added to his stress.

Last week I did all four feet and I actually completed 2 nails before Bug even realized/decided that maybe he didn't really want this to be happening. John said he felt like Bug was 90% better than the previous week. Pretty darn good improvement!

This week, Bug was AWESOME!! John said that was the final 10%. We have a technique that works. I am going to be SUPER-SUPER-SUPER careful to try not to quick him. I think quicking him would be a major set-back. But now that we have a routine, maybe not.

Wow, two major accomplishments in one day. Go Bug!


Diana said...

I hate clippeing nails. I have two dogs that are fine with it. Ive had both of them since they were puppies. The other two dogs hate it. The chihuahua, I can hold and cut at the same time. But the sheltie, Guiness, my husband has to help. He acts like Im killing him. So sometimes I let it go to long because it makes me feel bad. Im glad you are having success. Diana

Katrin said...

Yeah!!!! to BOTH Buggie AND John :-P (and you too). That's great news!!!

Holly said...

We do most of our nails with Leonard holding them just the way John held Bug. Glad it worked!