Friday, January 9, 2009


I need to remember to breathe. Tomorrow is my first attempt at handling (gulp!) outside of class. Bug is entered in a UKC show in Connecticut.

Wednesday all the dogs saw the chiro. I wanted to be sure Bug was in alignment for his “debut.” With Ike being so ill I knew for sure he was out-of-whack. Surprise – Bug was in alignment! This is GREAT news - his last appointment was more than a month ago. This means he is holding his adjustments really well given his long back. Both Carmen and Ike needed their pelvises and heads adjusted! Not that surprising given Ike’s illness and Carmie took a tumble.

Last night I took Bug to the Dirty Dawg Wash after-hours and he had the spa treatment. Hair clipped from between the pads of his feet, bath, and blow-dry. Roz, the owner, is super accommodating. I have talked with her in the past about scheduling to have the Bug in pre-show. She even gave me a pointer!

As I dry Bug’s back place a towel over his unruly bum hair. As I dry down his back keep sliding the towel further off. Basically the ends of the hair will be held down while drying. Usually I just try to blow that bum hair in the right direction, i.e. not UP (which sadly I have done). You experienced people out there probably know this trick, but it is a useful revelation for me.

Tonight John will help me do his nails and I will make special chicken liver treats from a recipe I got off the K9 Nutrition list.

AND the weather has decided to be nice to me – the snow isn’t expected to start until tomorrow evening. KNOCK ON WOOD!! Hooray!! This means Bug and I will make it home safely (dog gods willing) and the in-laws will be able to bring Carmie to Earthdog class tomorrow.


Diana said...

Good luck. Dont be nervous, think fun! Diana

Shelly said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I will be thinking of you and Buggy.


Katrin said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

You guys will do great. We will think good thoughts.

Amber-Mae said...

Best of luck to you tomorrow! Relax. Nerves will just make it worst. Forget about the judge, forget about all the other amazing dogs that will be at the trial tomorrow. Block them all out & just focus on your goal. If you do that, you'll realize you'll get it!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jules said...

Thanks, everyone. I brought Rescue Remedy with me - for me!! ;-P