Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy (or E.F class #1)

Yesterday was class number one of Equipment Foundations. The agenda – intro to wing jumps, work a pinwheel, tunnel with 90 degree turn, short tunnel-jump sequence (jump, 90-degree turn tunnel, jump), teeter, and tire.

Guess who came to PLAY? The Bug. He was AWESOME. Words cannot describe how excited I am about his confidence and the level of trust he now has in me. It makes my heart hurt!

This dog during the previous session was so uncomfortable and nervous about everything (including JUMP BARS BY THEMSELVES). Yesterday he OFFERED the teeter twice of his own volition – and “waited” correctly.

I told Katrin, I am a poster child for why taking the same class more than once is worth it. Thank you Ike! We do need to work on our stays, but I am so excited about the progress we’ve made. Hooray!

Can you tell I am on Corgi-Cloud 9?


Katrin said...

Yeah! you both did great last night!

Diana said...

Its so much fun when things go well. Diana

Holly said...

I am near tears I am so happy for you!!