Friday, January 2, 2009


I will take quiet. No sick doggies, knock on wood.

Schnauzers were groomed yesterday, Bug was groomed last weekend. Rally-O (last class ~sniffle~) and Intro to Earthdog tomorrow. Yes, you read correctly. I have signed Carmie up for a 4 week intro class that a member of the Greater Boston Area Earthdog Club teaches.

Bug has a herding lesson Sunday and then it is back to work for me.

Next weekend we will miss Earthdog for Bug's UKC debut. Eeeekk!!

I have already arranged to bathe him at the Dirty Dawg on Thursday night. I think this will give his fur time to relax.


Dawn said...

Quiet, maybe today but it sounds like you have a busy week coming. You guys will do great at the UKC show. We dont have another one up here until March. Cant wait to hear how well it went.

ann-and-partner said...

Good luck Bug!

Jules said...

Thanks, Ladies. I am really excited about the show!! I hope I have lots of positive things to say about the experience. It sounds like an enjoyable venue from everything I have read and people have said.

Liz said...

How was earthdog class? Shelby and I will be joining you starting next week. I hosted a party at my house today so had to miss the first class. I am so lookcing forward to it.

Jules said...

Yes! Very cool. Will probably blog about it tomorrow a.m. We had a GREAT time.