Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rally-O # 4

Today was the last class in Ike's 4 week Rally-O session. What can I say, he loves it. And I genuinely like it, so it is a win-win situation.

Jenny called me out today on not naming actions/behaviors. I asked Ike to front (with my body language - not words) and when he actually ended up doing it somewhat nicely she commented that I need to name things! It is SO true.

I noticed two things in class today related to Ike's fronts.

Outside the ring near the crating and seating he was actually doing very nice fronts. I commented to Marlene that I felt like the homeopathic remedy was perhaps helping him be more balanced (1st thing).

Then we went in the ring and his front was TERRIBLE. The reason why is that I was RUSHING (2nd) it!! I realized this in the second run-thru. I did a re-do at the station and my re-do was MUCH worse than the original.

It appears my search for consistency in motion continues. I am glad I am realizing it now and not later!

Jenny also suggested when I ask Ike for a "down" to treat him for the down if I want, but once I am standing up straight again and about to release him - treat him for waiting. Since Ike tends to think "down" means offer the down and then pop-up this is good advice for us. Of course, we need to PRACTICE more! :-)

Ike also did a VERY nice offset Figure Eight. His "heeling" is getting a lot better, but I am holding it back. With my aversion to naming things I have not given "heel" a formal name yet. It is not a combination of specific behaviors with a specific name for Ike. It is some combination behaviors that just sort of happen. I am going to work on this with Katrin in the semi-privates I am taking.

It appears to be a little hang-up I have, this naming things. I think it might be a result of ruining "go." So my tongue-in-cheek New Year's resolution is to name behaviors! and figure out how to get Ike in a Rally-O class consistently (so I can keep working on my consistency in motion).

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