Monday, January 26, 2009


Saturday’s Rally-O class went well. Especially since there were no stays! Phew! There was a sign which I cannot recall the name of – you do an about turn into your dog and pass them behind you back to heel position. Well, thank you Pamela S. Dennison and Click Your Way To Rally Obedience, I knew the mechanics of how to do this – practiced with Ike before our run and you know what? We nearly nailed it. He did really well! Hooray. Second run-through I withheld all treats except for the aforementioned station. Guess what? He did really well.

The other station we’ll need to practice is the moving down. I used sneaky handling to achieve this. The dog must be in down position when your two feet are together in halt position. I asked Ike for a down in mid-step and held my position until he committed - then brought my feet together. It was a good class. His fronts were much nicer for an Ike. It remains something I need to practice at home.

Right now things are a bit crazy which leads to not enough practice at home! Fortunately we have a half-hour with Katrin tonight and will hopefully have an opportunity to practice those annoying Fronts, Stays, and build on our heeling.


Shelly said...

Was it a "left about turn" ?

Jules said...

YES!! Thank you!