Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Semi-Private and Carmie's Class

Monday Ike and I had another semi-private with Katrin. We worked on fronts and stays. Wow, all I can say is we have our work cut out for us.

Amazingly, Ike is not distressed about his terrible fronts or poor stay. Huh. And I know now just how much work we have to do! ;-) I say amazingly because in the past Ike would shut-down if he was "wrong" too often. Now he really doesn't worry about it much (although I still do!). This is huge progress.

It comes down to the fact that I really need to make time to practice both of these items. They will not get better alone (sniffle). Katrin had a good suggestion about Ike's stays. Currently the issue is that he is not comfortable with me walking around him while he is in a stay. Katrin recommended I start with a much wider diameter and slow work in over time. I think this will be successful and no one says I can not do that in the ring too! Sneaky handling, I know.

As to Fronts. Katrin recommended having a treat in both hands, with my hands hanging naturally. Treat out of whichever hand Ike is further from. This didn't work very well on Monday. I think because Ike is currently so food crazed. In the Pamela Dennison book she recommends a recall game where you toss a treat between your legs behind you to get your dog used to driving in a straight line to you. I think I will try this too.

Yesterday Carmen had class and she was full of beans! I guess she is enjoying the cold weather. It was a fast course and Carmen was really booking. She continues to nail weaves with two gates and actually allowed me to do a f/c while she was weaving without pulling out. yes! I need to work on fading the two cages at home, but due to the weather and scheduling I haven't really had time.

I wasn't quite as consistent about my speed last night and Carmie pulled off of jumps a couple of times. It is a reminder that I need to SLOW down and let her work away from me. The other thing I really need to practice are rear crosses. Now that Carmen is jumping 8" she is moving even faster - that means I need to get her comfortable with rear crosses. Otherwise we are going to end up with a collision due to a poor front cross! Or maybe I just need to take up running and get faster?

The teeter was in last night's course and Carmen has decided a sit is perfect for her - I am going to continue to reinforce this due to the benefit structurally. I am really pleased that she has chosen this position. All in all it was an excellent class. All the problems lie primarily with me!

Saturday Carmie, Bug, and I are headed down to Paws n Effect for the SCAT CPE trial. Carmie is entered in her first Level 3 class - Fullhouse. I am fairly certain I can avoid the weaves as this is a game class and I refuse to put Carmie in a situation where she is forced to flub the weaves.

I still need to post about the Debbie Gross Saunders seminar. It was super, but it is a lot of info to prcess!


Liz said...

You're dedicated.
I have a limit of driving about 90 minutes for a trial. I can barely get myself up early enough in the morning as it is!

Marlene said...

For Kody and his long stays we used a hula hoop to let him know that he was to stay sitting in...maybe you coul use it to have him sit and walk around the hula hoop circle...

Blue said...

Carmen was great on Tues. She definitely looks better jumping 8". Good luck at the trial!

Jules said...

Oh....will have to try the hula hoop!

Thanks, ladies.