Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slow Down!

Eeek…I am getting carried away in my head with my goals for the dogs this year. I decided it would be helpful if I wrote them down. So what are my goals for the year?

Get his GI under control (#1 priority)
Enter the Rally ring – the MOST important part of this is *I* need to listen to Ike if he doesn’t enjoy it!
Put behaviors on cue (Heel, Finish, Front, etc)
Play Crate Games
Revisit Earthdog (ONLY if Carolyn offers another Intro to Earthdog class or we can do drop-ins with her)

Learn our weaves!! (and YES I have considered the 2 x 2 method – have from the beginning – but I don’t want to switch right now.)

Assuming weaving occurs:
NADAC Novice Versatility Award
CPE Level 3 Certificate (maybe CL4 too…)
Earthdog Intro to Quarry

And Bug – I have WAY too many goals for Bug. This is where the SLOW DOWN comes into play. He’s just a baby!! We have many years to play (knock on many pieces of wood – repeatedly).

My goals for Bug this year are:

Continue to build his confidence level!

Finish AKC Championship (need 3 pts)
Finish UKC Championship (need 70 pts including 3 competition wins)

Continue herding lessons – maybe be ready to trial next summer (2010)
Continue agility lessons – maybe be ready to do a class at a local trial in the fall
Start practicing Rally-O and Crate Games at home ( I ordered Crate Games today and a rally book by Pamela Dennison, who’s writing I REALLY like.)
Work on Get On The Ball and rear end awareness games – end goal better core strength and easier chiropractic maintenance


manymuddypaws said...

i think those are all great goals for you!!! I still haven't come up with individual goals for the dogs yet.....maybe I need to hurry up!

Blue said...

It sounds like you have a fun year ahead of you :)

Nancy said...

I like posting my goals every January too, I think it helps to make a plan. Let us know how you like "Get on the Ball"
Nancy and Stewie