Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Nicknames

It has been called to my attention by both my husband and Holly that Honor should have been listed as one of Bug's names. It is true, I am sorry!

More Nicknames - John and I discovered something funny when we were doing this. Most of my older dogs had at least one or two nicknames - most of his older dogs had none. Very odd.

Angus, Beagle
1st birthday gift. He was meant to double as a hunting companion for my dad. However he was gun-shy!

Gus, Angus McTavish McDougal McDuff, Angey

Toby, German Shepherd
Was about 4 when I was born.


Max, German Shepherd
Rescued from the streets when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade - he was running loose and I saw him get hit by a truck. He broke his fore leg and his hip. He still had the stitches from his neutering. Vet suspected someone stole him to backyard breed and then dumped him when they realized he was neutered. He was white and gorgeous.

Maxwell House, Max-a-Million, Maxi-pad (neighborhood boys)

Sam, Lab/Shepherd mix
Picked her out as a puppy. Accidental backyard breeding. No clue if we even paid $$ for her.

Samantha, Sam Bass (he was a bank robber that met his fate in Round Rock, Tx where I grew up. His grave was in the graveyard behind my Nana's house), Sambo (my Nana not being very PC)

Cinder Block, Border Collie mix
Giant blue merle border collie mix. Wish they had those dna tests when she was still alive. My bro picked her out at a shelter in Salem, MA.

Cinder Block (her official name - after the lead singer of the band Tilt), Cinderella, Cinny, Cinny-binny, Cinder-binder-boo, Shit-eater

Nellie, Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix
Rescued via Craigs List

Nells-Bells, Smellie Nellie, Nellie-Bellie, Nellzebub

And John's family dogs.....

Gretel, Miniature Schnauzer

Smokey, Miniature Schnauzer

Bonnie, Border Collie
rehome - John's family adopted her at 8 yo.


Molly, Miniature Schnauzer
Molly was PTS when we first started dating and I remember how heart broken John was. His family has lots of great Molly stories.

Keifa, Keifa Don Looney

Our Birds....

Larry, Cockatiel
Larry Joe, Larrita

DJ, Cockatiel
the Deej, Deejey


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