Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pink Eye and Training

Sunday I came home from classes and the Bug had a discharge coming from his left eye. Not weeping. Curdlike, etc. I won't bore you with the nasties. You can kind of see the redness and discharge in the sheepie pics.

Fortunately it hadn't progressed very far. Monday I read up on conjunctivitis in my Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. Then I read up on it in Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs. I selected the remedy based upon Bug's symptoms. Dr. Hamilton's book also has a suggestion for an eye wash, homeopathic drops, and supplements. I went to Whole Foods at lunch and picked up supplies.

Last night I gave Bug his remedy, flushed his eye with the eye wash, and gave him the eye drops. He was SO good about it.

This morning his eye looks tremendously better. It is amazing!!

Last night I also practiced GOTB with both boys. Ike worked on his sit and down stays. He has made some significant progress. Hooray. Now I just need to keep practicing and changing locations.

Buggie worked on the first steps of heel position and lots of GOTB. It is so cute how he hops right up on the ball.

Cardigan people. When first teaching heel position, do you bring your dog from your right side behind you? This is not how I taught it with Ike, but with Buggie's long back it seems like it would be easier. Thoughts?


manymuddypaws said...

I train both ways- it is harder for them to be super correct in their position if they do a "swing" finish- but in rally they need to do both.

Jules said...

Any suggestions on the best way to train it? Just work really hard?


Dawn said...

Dont get me wrong, our swing isnt great, but the way i was taught to teach it with the really long backed dogs is to be sure to start with taking a really big step back with the left leg while luring so that they go pretty far behind you before they turn to come in to sit. Gives the long back more distance coming in to get straight. Then as they get confident with the movement worry about straight. At least that was the concept- we arent quite perfect there. Probably not the only way, but has worked fairly well for us and I admit I am a lazy trainer.

Jules said...

Thanks, Dawn. I will try it!