Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tues. Nite Class + Chiro

More lazy blogging…it’s called being tired for no real good reason.

Tuesday night was Carmie’s class. I was complacent due to the mild weather and did not wear my long underwear. It got VERY cold once the sun was down. I thought I was going to turn into a icicle! Yikes. And poor Carmelita – I did not bring her mini-horse coat. We were both cold!

Worked a double-box exercise focusing on rear crosses. SUPER good for Ms. Carmen and I as we are terrible at rear crosses. I tried to sneak a FC in but Katrin caught me. She also caught ME crossing versus Carmen crossing! D’oh. I am not helping myself here.

In all I found the first half of the class to be excellent. I definitely have a clearer idea of what I want/need Carmen to be doing and when. However, making that happen is, as always, a challenge. The second half of the class was not so stellar … at all! Carmen said “I CANNOT turn to the right and allow you do do a RC – don’t you know?” Katrin took pity on us and did not make us repeat the exercise. PRACTICE is needed. Fortunately these are easy exercises to work on at home once the weather cooperates and the snow is gone.

Yesterday I took Ike and Bug to the chiropractor. Ike had a very minor tune-up. He is holding his alignments splendidly! Hooray. Bug had lost his pelvis and head. This is due to a teeter fly-off that happened last week when I was sick and should have been at home in bed. Ugh.

John and I thought his gait was off Saturday at the beach, but he was doing other things that he typically won’t do if he is out of alignment (like jump up on me). So, he was sending mixed signals. I do think his core strength is improving, and that is why. Since I thought he wasn’t in alignment we have NOT been doing ANY GOTB. Bug will see Cheryl again on Saturday at the Tracy Skelnor seminar.

I also need to increase the Bug’s food ration. I need to fatten him up for the April shows. I HATE-HATE-HATE to do it, but I know I must. Drat.

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