Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Liz provided a link to the photos from the Bo-Gee Trial. Thanks, Liz - I would have missed them. As I mentioned in my post, the lighting was poor.

I have created an album to share - you can view the album at the following address.

The password for the album is: ikeyprocks

Select "slideshow" from the second, lower menu (on the left).

The first shot, labeled "terrible form," illustrates just how bad the lighting is. Carmie is jumping 8" - no WAY she'd take off this early (and ugly) unless she was just blindly trusting me. And she didn't knock a bar - all day. Sniff.

Next is her perch in Wildcard...."Whoa....they're running another agility ring over there, and basketball, and soccer. How do I get down?"

And to end on an uplifting note is a cute shot of her.

Have I mentioned what a great girl she is? She works her heart out for me.


Diana said...

The last picture is cute. Ive had some werid jump shots of Miley too. Diana

ann-and-partner said...

She's such a little pro!

Blue said...

I love that second photo of her on the A-frame! LOL! They're all very cute.