Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bug is Being Barky

So, it is official....Bug is being barky.....displaying elevated signs of noise sensitivity. This is new. I think it is definitely the men working on the house. CRAP-TASTIC!

I have been keeping the boys in the bedroom during the day while I am at work since last Thursday's debacle. Perhaps I should re-frame the incident and just call it an eye-opener and reminder to be mindful. Fortunately the work is on the opposite side of the house, so with the boys in the bedroom and the door closed - less triggers.

I think I am picking up a DAP diffuser. I am not sure how long this work is going on, but I see a difference in my boy. The only other change is I added InFlight to his supplements. I am going to have Cheryl (his chiro) muscle test him to see if he is allergic to it (it contains pork cartilage) and if that could be causing an increase in his reactivity.

Sleuthing to be done....

Ordered a DAP Diffuser.


Marlene said...

Is John still away? Has Buggy become the great protector?

Jules said...

Yes, he is. he'll be back tonight - I am sure the boys will be ecstatic!