Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Treats and a Wash

Friday I stopped in at a shop in Foxboro, MA called Pawsmopolitan. They have a wide assortment of treats available I have not seen carried locally at reasonable prices. Of course I needed to pick up a variety to try with the boys! I was also able to get replacement squirrels for Bug's Hide-a-Squirrel. That is a serious score as it means no shipping charges!

So far, we have yet to try the Fruitables, but the boys say the Sammy Snacks (which I taste-tested at the shop as they are made to SHARE with your pooch), Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin bears, and the Animal Food Freeze Dried Chicken bits are great!

Today Bug visited the Dirt Dawg Wash.

Wet and slightly Mortified Bug at DDW

I picked up some sample sizes of the Chris Christensen Thick and Thicker and After Bath. I wanted to try these products PRIOR to his bath for the April shows. One of the After Bath claims is it cuts your drying time....and I think it really does! Woo-hoo. And I feel like I am mastering the bum hair!


Diana said...

Hey when you dont have to pay for shipping the a big break to me. Woohoo. Diana

Joanna said...

Hey, congrats on the bum hair! I use that exact combination--Thick and Thicker and then After Bath everywhere from the mid-back back (I don't want it to flatten the chest hair or neck hair) and have found that it makes a huge difference in getting the butt hair to behave.

Have you ever found Plato treats anywhere? I buy my yearly supply of the salmon strips in Springfield at the Thanksgiving cluster, but would love to know if it's anywhere else. Those strips (which are basically a jerky) drive dogs absolutely nuts and are fabulous for training/baiting.

I hope we can meet you at one of the shows this fall!

Jules said...

White Dog Bone
is the cheapest place, even with shipping. If you join their mailing list they send you 10% off codes every month and a half or so. Especially for Pets also carries the Plato treats, but the mark-up is tough. My boys are huge fans of the Salmon strips.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Sample sizes of Chris Christensen!?! Holy crap! I'm making a trip out there. I have a full-size tub of the Thick and Thicker... we use it in Sheltie ruffs. I love that stuff (and I love how it smells, mmm).

BTW I'm almost positive we can get replacement squirrels at work for you. I'm pretty sure Kathee orders them for herself every few months, because Chance loves his Hide-A toys too ;)

Jules said...

Very cool re the replacement squirrels!

Oh, sorry to mislead you - I bought the sample sizes on Ebay. I was determined to test them out before committing to buying a whole bottle. I use the C.C. White on White on Carmie and LOVE it.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

It's all good. ;) You and I can go grooming product shopping at West!