Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rally-O Class

Ike and I had Rally class this morning. In general I feel like it went well. We did not have Halt/Down/Walk Around Dog. On the one hand – hooray! On the other hand – This means no practice in class and I am so afraid I’ll see it tomorrow and we will fail miserably. And if we fail? That IS allowed!

Today’s course contained Halt/Walk Around Dog. Ike actually did fairly well on this once I remembered that at home I typically give him a fair amount of space. In class today I was kind of on top of him and he kept breaking once I got to about 2pm on him. Once I realized I was crowding him he did SUPER. Jenny suggested I take two steps forward to ensure enough space, but make sure my toes were angled in the direction I was going.

We saw Down/Stop. Ike tends to pop up quickly and Jenny suggested that rather than waiting for a count of “good dog” while he is in a down – if he appears to be popping up – go. She said it will depend on the judge how they handle this, i.e. how many points they will take off. She feels I am better off handling it in the manner than a re-do (you are allowed a maximum of two re-tries – I believe).

Today’s class also had the sign Halt/ 1, 2, 3 Steps Forward. Ike was SUPER with this sign. I couldn’t be happier with today’s performance of it.

We had a really nasty Call Front/Finish Left Forward. Ike’s Fronts are just horrific. I am going this week to Home Depot to get the plywood to make a front box. We work and work on them and they are just SO damn ugly – and he is in alignment, so I can’t blame it all on that.

The Spiral Right was also on today’s course and I finally do not feel confused by it (I think)! Ike did well with it.

Ike was a bit distracted and lagging in general. Jenny suggested rather than clicking at him with my mouth I should walk quickly with small steps – almost a scurry. I did this the second run-thru and I do feel like it helped his lagging.

The big thing I need to remember tomorrow is to TAKE MY TIME.

There is absolutely NO NEED to rush. In Rally-O course times are ONLY used for placement in the case of a tie. Course times do not disqualify a dog. Ike and I can take our sweet time being as perfect as Ike would like.


Today I was stressing about tomorrow and was rushing. It affects Ike SO much. He hates stress. He creates enough of his own I do not need to create it for him.

Ike has come so far. We have made huge progress. This trial is a test to see whether or not Ike and I CAN trial in Rally or if it stresses the boy out too much. Nothing more.



Diana said...

Good luck. I know its easier said then done but try not to stress. If you stress, for sure your dog will stress. Remember its not about being perfect , its about fun. You can worry about being perfect after he feels comfortable and is having fun. Sorry i didnt mean to preach. Good luck. Diana

penni said...

A suggestion on training the come front -- if Ike knows a "go out", send him out for two steps and then ask him to come front. It seems to help mine get their bodies lined up to come in straight Have fun and good luck tomorrow.

Jules said...

Thanks, Penni. I will try it. I plan on retroactively starting Pam Dennison's Front game too (where they run straight at you through your legs?). Hopefully some combination of these will help.

Thanks, Diane - believe me I NEED to be reminded to relax and have fun. I know I will be fine after the first one trial, but the first one kills me or kills my stomach! ;-)