Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tues. Nite Class - Jump Boxes

Last night Katrin set up some jump box exercises focusing primarily on front crosses. The first exercise also had you layer a series of jumps.

For those who are casual agility players, layering a series of obstacles means:

Layering – A distance-handling maneuver, which is particularly useful when a group of obstacles is clustered tightly together. The handler directs the dog to execute one obstacle while another obstacle is between him and the dog (the handler is staying on the outer “layer”). In this close-quarters situation, pushing in toward the correct obstacle could actually cause the dog to push away from that obstacle to an incorrect obstacle.

Guess what? Carmie NAILED it. Not a huge amount of distance, but none-the-less, I am SO proud of her. The blue/black line is the handler. I really want to put some distance on her. We have been working at it – I am just surprised it is actually happening!

The second exercise the dog spliced the first three jumps and ended with TIGHT. While we have taken Katrin’s 5 directions class and have the foundation of our five directions; we really haven’t worked on it too hard. Directionals appear to be a second summer project (weave poles still take precedence ATM). Katrin reiterated given carmie’s eye sight I should make directionals a priority as it will ensure she gets to play longer.

Very fun class!


Nancy said...

Great job on the layering, it is so fun when it works, isn't it? Now to use it at a real trial.....................
I am working on weaves and directional too, lots to do!

Blue said...

You and Carmen did great in class! She did really well with the extra distance.