Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tues. Nite Class

Course contained two 180s, 12 weaves, and the teeter.

*I* learned a lot.

Katrin asked if the two 180s were a serpentine or 180s. I said, “Not sure, I’ll say serpentine.” She said, “Nope. Look at how your dog is entering the series of obstacles and exiting (in terms of the obstacle they are coming from and next obstacle to take). If your dog was splicing those jumps coming off the final jump they would take an off course onto the A-frame.” Our A-frame is stored in the corner of the barn when not in use.

Oh! This qualifies as a light bulb moment for me. Katrin has probably said this before; about the obstacle the dog is coming off and will go into determining if the series of jumps should be handled as a serpentine or 180. My brain mustn’t have been capable of understanding it and retaining it then. So, that was great – I now firmly have in my head how to tell the difference between serpentines and 180s. Woo-hoo.

I did a rear cross between tunnels 1 and 2 – just to practice as it is not somewhere I would EVER have put a RC in before and I felt like I could do it in a fairly low-stress manner.

I did a FC after the weaves (between 3 and 4) and after the first jump in the 180 (landing side 8).

I did a classic, walk the course one way and then run it differently when I got to the teeter. First run I am not clear what I was trying to do. Katrin asked why I didn’t have Carmen wait on the teeter and lead out to get my FC in, the way I had walked it? Hmm….I don’t know….Why don’t I do that.

I have never had Carmie wait on the teeter while I lead out, but she does have a solid wait. So I did that and it worked well. The amount of time I had her wait would never hurt us in the venue we compete in which has the teeter (CPE – NADAC does not) – of course getting her to wait in a trial in mid-course versus class? I have no idea how that would go.

A very educational class; I feel like I am learning a lot of handling nuggets lately.

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Blue said...

I agree, it was a very educational class!