Friday, March 13, 2009

Weave Poles, Class # 2

Last weekend was a bit of a whirlwind between Saturday’s intensity (Rally-O and TACT seminar), class Sunday, and my FIL coming home from the hospital (he’s doing well, thank you everyone!).

As a result Bug practiced three days prior to class – we are just about ready to take a cage off the left side. I was/am considering waiting as he is being odd about my practice location (my mudroom which I think was a porch at one time and is LONG and can fit weaves easily). Now that the weather is changing and the ground is drying out I will try and switch between the mudroom and outside.

3/9/09 Poles #1 – All cages on
1st training session in mudroom. Bug was an Eeyore; VERY nervous about poles with cages in my mudroom. What?! Rewarded with treats and intermittent tugging.

3/10/09 Poles #2 – All cages on
2nd training session in mudroom. Bug was less of an Eeyore but still not 100% about the poles like he is in the barn. Very odd. Used unusual treat (provolone cheese) to reward with, and intermittent tugging after particularly whole-hearted weaving. One piece of cheese limit = 6 – 8 reps.

3/11/09 Poles #3 – All cages on
3rd training session in mudroom. Still being an odd duck, but less stressed that day 1 or 2

Class # 2 – or Day 4
Class started with cages on all the weaves. Bug was much happier this week - wanting to break his start-line, willingly jumping, and in general being a happy corgi. No hesitation about entering cages. <>

Second run-thru all cages were removed on the left side. Bug did really well.

The key points I took away from last night’s class have more to do with my handling.

I need to bend my knees more and not bend OVER Bug.

I need to reward every two jumps. I am SUPER good about rewarding after the weave poles. I want to build desire for this obstacle.

I am an ASS about rewarding after jumps. Even though my corgi has NEVER liked jumps - I FORGET TO REWARD HIM for doing them!! Gah!!

So, Katrin reminded me to reward him every two jumps and reward during/after every cross. You will see jumps in just about EVERY course - I better help him build a solid love of them!

In general it was a good class. He was much less distracted this week, than he was last week. His stays were NOT as good as last week, though. Learning curve? Corgi snottiness? Who knows.

His jumping was much better last night (at least the 1st run), although he did attempt to cut behind me at least twice. I need to catch him BEFORE he commits to doing that.

He seems to be developing a grasp of the weaving concept. I hope speed will come next. If not I can always do what I did with Ike. Once Ike had the weave poles down we worked them with channels and picked up a lot of speed.

Pan on Practicing Day #5 tonight after dinner. One cage off the left side.


manymuddypaws said...

don't you know corgis can't stay???

according to Wicca anyways :o)

Jules said...

That's what Monty says too!!