Friday, March 27, 2009

Weave Poles Class #4

Last night Bug and I had weave poles class. We have not practiced our weave poles in two days due to hectic scheduling. I think it showed! Granted last night’s class was particularly difficult for the dogs. The gates were off the entries. Gulp! At home we have all the gates off the right side and while Bug is fairly consistent he isn’t 100% accurate.

First run through took Bug quite some time to nail the first set of 12 weave poles. He kept missing the entry. Second run through he was SUPER! He tried to go around a couple of jumps, but in general he is getting much more confident and happy about jumping. Hallelujah.

I brought a soft-crate and crated away from the bench where everyone clusters. We worked on driving into the crate on cue and once he is in the crate relaxing, scooting back and getting the pudgy front paws in. We also did a wee bit of Stand and Fix it. The in between runs training went well.

Bug nailed his start-lines last night too; the first time in some time. I was a little flustered last night after what had happened last week with Baxter. Bug was a more distracted than I would have liked him to be. Katrin asked why I wasn’t working his start-line stay like I was at home and I was like, “but I released him” – totally missing her question. Oi! I guess Bug and I were BOTH distracted.

Toward the end of the class I could tell he was getting tired (he spent the day at the office with me again) as Neil (with Vizsla Tessa) had left the barn and then come back in and Bug thought he needed to alarm bark. Considering his long day, that is not too bad.

The learning process is stressful!

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