Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weave Poles Day # 7

Woo-hoo! As suspected/prayed for/hoped Buggie had a break-thru regarding the ungated entrance this morning. And in general he is starting to think weaves are great fun. Yes!

Went over to the in-law's house and worked Carmie outside. Here is where she is:

The green cage is in the process of being faded. Right now if I move it any further away she goes between the poles and the cage. I am going to leave it here for a few days and work it. Then move a bit further away. She is starting to pick up speed and bounce. Hooray. D-Day is May 9th.


Blue said...

Good boy Buggie! That's so funny how literal Carmen is about weaves. It sounds like they're both making good progress though.

Jules said...

Blue, She is killing me! :-) I REALLY do not want to switch methods as we are "almost" there, but I am so tempted by 2x2 for her.