Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes, Carmie!

Today my boss sent me home at 2pm. It is a BEAUTIFUL day in New England. Before heading home I stopped at the in-law's and practiced weaves with Carmie.

First we did a series of jump/weave poles with cages just on the left side of the weave poles. Then a series with cages just on the right side. Then cages JUST in the middle, entries open. She was doing AWESOME, so I became bold and took off one of the middle cages.

So, one lonely cage. Guess what?

She did GREAT!!! I hope this is the progress I have been looking for. As it is I am getting so befuddled and desperate that I have e-mailed everyone I know about how they train weaves. I have one friend who has trained all their dogs with the WAM method and we have scheduled a date for me to go over to her house to play. Erin uses wire guides, I began to think perhaps that would be better as they are less to fade visually. I e-mailed poor Katrin AGAIN to discuss options.

I just do not remember Ike learning to weave being this difficult. I do not know if weaves are so hard for her because she was JUST a pet for the first 6 years of her life (and not as operant as my guys?), or because of her vision, or what. However, this small but significant break-through gives me a glimmer of hope.

I have a chiro appt for me and then it will be Bug's turn for Weave Poles Day #15. You can believe I will be practicing in the rain tomorrow and Sunday with both of them!

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Blue said...

Good girl Carmen!!!