Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bug Update

Bug saw Cheryl on Wednesday and had a moving gait adjustment, i.e. he was adjusted on each side while either leg was extended as though in movement. He had held his pelvis but his iliopsoas was still quite tight. When Cheryl tested him in the moving gait position his pelvis was out. It is amazing to me that his pelvis can be out in different positions – it makes sense, but still….

Bug saw Cheryl on Saturday and had what is called a fixed gait adjustment. He was adjusted on each side while in a fixed gait position – leg extended but on the ground. His pelvis had held even though I took him for a short (but ROCKY) hike on Friday. Hallelujah! Granted after the hike I kind of freaked out because I did not think about how much scrambling would be going on-on this particular trail (Skyline Trail at Middlesex Fells) and immediately massaged and stretched him (in a near panic). Bad human!

It was interesting that he was extremely uncomfortable having Cheryl adjust his right front leg, which is the leg that has the slight turn-out.

Sunday Cheryl took a look at him and she felt he was not nearly as tight as he has been. Given the fact he had been scrambling about on Friday, wasn’t *that* tight, and held his pelvis…. well, that’s huge.

He is also sitting better (straighter) and jumping up at me more. Not that I like him jumping up at me, but when him not jumping up typically means he is out of alignment or hurting, I will gladly take it!

Cheryl gave me a couple of additional stretches to do and reiterated that I need to make a rocker board. She also suggested that the next step might be adjusting him when he has his front paws either up on a stool or standing up on me. re: physical therapy - she said to wait until we see how he does this week.

Cheryl said we could go to class tomorrow! Gulp. I am to give him Traumeel before class. We will do one run and then immediately work on massage and stretching. If he is sore and or his sit is still looking crappy we will see Cheryl Wednesday. If not, we will see her next Wednesday and continue to slowly add work back into Bug’s life.

I put him back on his regular amount of food (i.e. a diet). I can’t handle the damage the weight has done. I hope he is still enough of a porker at the end of May/beginning of June for the Shows in Wrentham and Topsfield. Kris, who has three corgis, saw Bug this weekend and said she feels that the judges are more forgiving with lean corgis as they are meant to be working dogs. I sincerely hope that is true, but even I notice how much more “mature” Bug looks with the weight on. Sigh. It sucks.


manymuddypaws said...

i am glad he is feeling better- and I totally agree with your decision to put him on a diet. :o)

Diana said...

Good things come to those to wait. Good for you. Im glad he is getting better. Diana