Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Corgi Chiro

Bug saw Cheryl tonight and she thought he felt MUCH better! I think I am becoming totally paranoid. She agreed he is still quite tight but that he was a million times better than he has been. And his pelvis held!

She checked his pelvis in a sit because his sits still are not looking terrific (i.e. perfect) and sure enough - he was out in a sit. Then we checked with him standing up on me and he was out there. She adjusted both the sit and standing up position.

Then she did a bit of gait analysis and pronounced that he looked MUCH better. She gaited him for me and he did look better. Sigh of relief.

I called a local rehab place on the way to our appointment and got a price quote, just in case things don't continue to progress. I plan on making my rocker board this weekend and Cheryl said I should bring it to our next appointment and she'll show me the exercises she would like me to do with Bug. I was also able to find two articles in old Clean Runs on making and using rocker boards by different authors.


Diana said...

Im glad everything is looking good. Diana

Nancy said...

Glad Bug had a good checkup. I had my pelvis out once and it was very painful! Hurray for chiropractors, they are the best!

Blue said...

Glad to hear that Bug is continuing to get better!