Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 1: Handler Errors

Today was the first of a three day weekend showing Bug in breed out at the Big "E" in Springfield. Today we did nothing, but I learned a boatload! The majority of my obvious nerves I got rid of at the UKC show, but apparently I was(am) still quite nervous as I made many handler errors in the ring.

Fortunately Katrin and Holly were there so they were able to give me constructive feedback and I know quite a few things to try and remember NOT to do and to do tomorrow. I also realize that with practice this will get easier.
  1. Both Katrin and Holly said I was holding my leash too much like heel position and that I can still hold it low, but to hold it away from my body.

  2. When stacking Bug on the table, TAKE MY TIME!!! I didn't, I totally rushed and didn't adjust him as I would in class. NERVES!

  3. Down and Back, the dog is supposed ot be in the center of the mat, not the handler. Doh. Common sense!

  4. Don't forget to free stack in front of the judge (I did that today! Gah.)!

The good news is that Holly thinks Bug looks great in terms of coat and weight (yes!) - that must be at least 80% of the battle, right? Now if I can just clean up my end with the handling

Bug had a big day - he got to see his grandma, which was SUPER exciting, meet Snickers who had her first run in the ring today, and see his bro Luther! I don't think I have ever seen Bug so "high." The boys were being intact snots, but Bug thinks Snickers is just as sweet as her name.

On to tomorrow!


Dawn said...

Good luck tomorrow and Sunday. I won't tell you to relax, but I will remind you to breathe. Those first times are a bit harder, but it does get easier. A little anyways. Enjoy, remember you love your dog and it can't go to badly.

Jules said...

Thanks, Dawn. I think if I remember to breathe and act like it is class we'll do better. I was bemused afterward that I wasn't upset at all. Talking with Katrin I realized it is because Bug had a grand old time!

Jules said...

I hope with real event practice we'll get there!!

Shelly said...


MericoX said...

Good luck Jules!!!