Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 3: Even Better

We still did nothing (2nd out of 3 in Open Dogs), but I felt a million times better about our performance together. I even received a compliment on his free stacking which we have been working very hard on.

Here is a video made on my camera by my friend Michele. I would love constructive criticism from those who how shown breed before. Just be gentle - I am a soft human! ;-p


Baledwr said...

You did good.

One thing I noticed on the first go around is that you could have given the illusion of moving out more...give the (slow) dog in front of you time to get going and room before you move so that you dont have to hold your dog up when you catch up to him :)

Jules said...

Thank you! Very good point. I will try to be congnizant of it in the future - it wasn't comfortable trying to pace Bug so he didn't run up their bum!

ann-and-partner said...

Wow, Julie! I know nothing about showing, but to me you and Bug looked beautiful! I loved seeing the video.

It's been awhile since I've seen Bug.
Has he become more handsome or is it his confidence?

Jules said...

Thanks, ann. Well, i think he is super handsom, but I am biased. he has put on weight (sob) for the show ring, so he def. looks more *mature.*