Monday, April 20, 2009

First Act-Up Trial of the season

Saturday Carmie Q’d in all three classes (Chances, Jumpers, and Tunnelers).

In Chances mid way through the course she ran to the fence. I have never in my life seen her do that. She obviously thought she saw something – maybe my FIL Jack? Fortunately she is a fast little cookie – she came back to work with me, got the distance challenge and was 2 seconds under course time. Apparently the judge said she could have taken another second to futz around if she wanted. Goof ball!

That finished her Novice Chances title. I am going to keep her in Novice until she earns her Superior titles in the novice classes. Or at least in order to earn her Triple Superior title (which are Superior titles in Chances [Gamblers], Regular, and Jumpers).

Her Jumpers run she stopped dead before a jump in the middle of the course. Another first – for a second I had flashbacks of Ike! It was a sweet little course, pretty much a big loop – so I suspect she was having an off day? It wasn’t overly bright – so I don’t think it was her vision. Fortunately I was able to get her back to work with me. Q/2 - that finished her Outstanding Novice Jumpers Title.

Last class of the day was Tunnelers. I am not a huge fan of Tunnelers. Not sure why, I just do not really care for it. Maybe I have a sour taste in my head about it because Ike hated it SO much? He thinks it is the stupidest class on earth! Anyway, Carmie had a VERY nice run and I was pleased I was able to keep her with me/keep up with her. Q/1.

Yesterday was a mixed bag.

Regular ran first, so all Carmie’s classes were later in the day and it was very sunny with zero cloud cover. Jumpers was at about noon and Carmie had a very nice run. Q/1 (This is her first leg toward her Superior title).

Next was Touch n Go and the first third of the course was a dream. Coming out of a tunnel and into the sun, Carmie stopped dead, very disoriented and started air sniffing. I was able to get her going again, but then again coming out of a tunnel she became very disoriented – it was right before the dogwalk/tunnel discrimination and gods bless her, I called “HERE” and she came right to my voice.

I scooped her up, gave her lots of kisses. There was not a cloud in the sky and it was too bright for her. One of the things that happens with PRA is bright light washes everything out.

Cheryl, the dogs’ chiropractor, needed to adjust Bug again and I know she has taken some animal communication workshops so I asked her if she would try to connect to Carmie. As soon as she did connect, Cheryl’s eyes started watering. Cheryl confirmed Carmie wasn’t able to differentiate between obstacles, ect due to bright sun. I scratched her from Chances (the next class) after that.

I had second thoughts later as I was walking her – she seemed fine until we turned a corner and were heading into the sun. She started to whine anxiously. It was heart breaking (and obvious) that she was having trouble seeing.

I scratched her from Tunnelers too, but by the time novice tunnelers was running the sun had changed a lot and I felt like it was safe to run her.

She was so excited she tried to pull into the first tunnel with her leash still on. She had a GREAT tunnelers run. She was very responsive and fast. She Q’d (1) and got her second leg toward her Outstanding Tunnelers title. I didn’t walk the course because I had scratched her, so I am very proud of myself for handling it “cold.”

The lessons learned this weekend?

I will probably have to scratch afternoon classes at outdoor trials and think about the sun more (versus worrying about grey days). Indoor trials where I know the lighting is good might be the way to go, although that means more CPE and I love running Carmie in NADAC.

I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear. I need to be super-vigilant and pay attention to what Carmie tells me. I do not want to make the mistake of running her for too long and have her start to have anxiety about agility. I also need to remember that Carmie could care less about progressing through levels or acquiring titles. She just likes to play with me!!


manymuddypaws said...

sounds like she had a great day mostly! they always teach us something don't they?!

101mutts said...

Congratulations! Lots of Qing.

Did you see any of the Aggie people on Saturday?

MericoX said...

Congratz Jules and Carmie!! I bet yall got some pretty ribbons (hinting for pictures).

Jules said...

Thanks all, it was a good weekend.

I did not spy any Aggie people, but that doesn't mean they weren't there...

No camera is on vacation in Ireland with my mum!

MericoX said...

Well take pictures when she gets back! LOL

Are you doing Bo-Gee this weekend?

Jules said...

No, more NADAC in Wrentham. Woo-hoo!! How about you?

MericoX said...

We probably won't be trialing until June/July... just going to see friends and socialize the pups!

Blue said...

I'm sorry to hear about her eyes! Poor Carmie. It sounds like she had a great weekend anyway.

Jules said...

She did and I learned the bright sun is much harder for her! Had to figure it out at some point, I am glad it was at Wrentham.