Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forgotten Rally-O post, Practice, and Weave Poles

Last weekend was so busy I forgot to post about Ike’s Rally-O class on Saturday. It went really well!

The course consisted of:


  1. Serpentine, Weave Twice
  2. Halt, Down, Sit
  3. Moving Step Right
  4. Halt/Right Turn/Call to Heel/Halt
  5. About Right Turn
  6. Left Turn
  7. Send over Jump (Broad jump)
  8. 270° Left Turn
  9. Slow Pace
  10. Normal Pace
  11. Left About Turn
  12. Left Turn
  13. Stop and Down


Station # 5, About Right Turn should have been simple. Heading toward this station, we were heading toward the entrance of the ring – where everyone is clustered. Ike didn’t balk, but he did slow down and get stress-y. The second run through a man wearing a hat was passing by to get to the rest room. Same stress-y response. Jenny asked the class if they’d be willing to wear hats next session on occasion to see if we can work through at, at least.

In general it was a great class. Ike’s downs are SO much better. He did the broad jump for the first time. And our Around is also getting better. Hooray


Last night Carmie practiced weaves. They were “just” okay. Sometimes I hate the learning curve! She is still doing a million times better than a month ago, but not as good as last week. Some pop-outs and a general, “what do you want me to do?” look. I did get down on my knees and realized that the sun was right in her eyes where she was missing and could have been washing things out for her (with the PRA). Oh the things to take into consideration. All three dogs are seeing the chiro tonight and hopefully I will be able to squeeze a weave pole practice in before we head out to do that.

Bug practiced Stand and back leg placement. Wah!! We also practiced “Left Finish.”

Ike practiced Downs with duration, moving downs, and Around. I think he just about has Around, I need to make my hand motion more subtle.

I also am starting to lean towards not trialing him, but that is another post. There is an outdoor Show-n-Go in May - we'll see how that goes first.


A few posts ago, when I discovered that training the weave poles was causing Bug some strain in his psoas muscles, I happened to read the Clean Run Editorializing by Ann Croft suggesting 24” weave pole spacing.

If I thought this would be adopted any time soon I would probably hold off on training weaves with Bug, in all honesty. But I do not think it is likely, so we are training weave poles on a slower schedule that allows his body to deal with the repetition better.

Apparently NADAC has already accepted 24” weave pole spacing, but clubs are “grandfathered.” They do not have to replace the current weave poles, just the new purchases must have the 24” spacing.

Clean Run is hosting a poll on their Magazine Forum – they will be sending the results to the AKC and USDAA. If you are interested in the weave pole spacing changing (or staying the same), I suggest clicking through and completing the poll. It is in the lower left corner.


This weekend looks to be a bit crazy. Friday I am going out to Springfield with Bug to show him in breed. There is only one other dog entered (I think everyone is at the Specialty), hopefully the other dog shows up!! (Bug is starting to blow coat so I think I am going to skip Maine at the beginning of May and focus on Wrentham at the end of May and Topsfield in June. Hopefully that will give him enough time to blow all his coat and grow some back.)

Then off to help set-up for the Act-Up trial this weekend and Bug gets to participate in his first Tunnelers Fun Run. Gulp!

Carmie is entered both Saturday and Sunday at the Act-Up trial. I hope the weather stays nice – that would be awesome! I am looking forward to seeing everyone and the sun shining! Paws crossed.


Dawn said...

Good luck at both events this weekend. Have fun and cant wait to hear how it goes.

Jules said...

Thanks, Dawn! It will be fun either which way.

Diana said...

I didnt realize that there was a grandfather clause for the pole spacing. Whats the point. Either make the change to 24 inches spacing to protect the dogs or not. Good luck this weekend. Diana

Blue said...

I heard this weekend is going to be beautiful weather. I'm going to try and get over to the Act-Up trial on Sat to hang out for a bit with Iris.

Good luck with both Bug and Carmie!

Jules said...

Hi Diana, I don't know about any other venue, but that is the case in NADAC, or that is what I have been told. :-(

Thanks, Blue!! Hope to see you there! and hope the weather is as nice as they are saying it will be (KOW!).