Monday, April 20, 2009


Worrying about things you cannot control at the moment.

Something I *try* not to do a lot of.

Bug saw Cheryl, his chiropractor, on Wednesday. His pelvis was out, as was his lower back. His iliopsoas muscles were still tender. Bah.

Bug fell last weekend coming out of my in-laws’ Explorer. John was there to lift him, Bug tried to jump, and the leash got tangled. Not good for any dog, least of all a long-backed dog that is already dealing with tender iliopsoas muscles.

Bug saw Cheryl on Friday. His pelvis was out AGAIN and his iliopsoas muscle was visibly spasming being touched.

Bug saw Cheryl Saturday and Sunday. His pelvis held and both days he was less tender.

Traumeel and massage; and massage and Traumeel.

My poor boy. I am worried, worried, worried. Cheryl mentioned that I might want to consider PT with him.

We suspect the iliopsoas muscle strain occurred due to the repetitive nature of weave training combined with the weight he has put on for the breed ring. After talking to some people over the weekend, iliopsoas injuries are frequently caused or aggravated by jumping. The best thing you can do for them, other than rest, water therapy, ect, is keep the weight off.

I am considering long-term that I might run him as a Vet in NADAC and CPE. They both have Early Vet programs for certain breeds. This means he would jump 4” versus 8”.

I have to be honest, if it means he can play, that is what I will do. To me, it’s not the amount of height but getting through the uprights that matters.

We will see how this plays out. We have an appointment with Cheryl on Wednesday and will see her again on Saturday, and possibly Sunday. We are doing a multi-phase adjustment; I forget what it is called. Based on how Bug appears to be recovering I’ll make the decision about PT. At the very least I will start doing rocker board (aka wobble board) work with him. GOTB is too sketchy for him right now where he isn’t holding his adjustments well (which is very unusual for Bug [all of this started with the additional weight]).

Bug will not be attending class this week. Possibly not next week either. UGH!!! The bright side is he is a baby (i.e. young) and with proper care he should recover without an issue.



Diana said...

Hope Bug feels better soon. Diana

Dawn said...

We will cross our paws too that Bug will feel better quick. And perhaps while he is taking a bit of a break from the performace stuff to heal up, he will finish that pesky CH and any excess weight can just come back off. Trying to look for the positives here.

manymuddypaws said...

I feel your pain. Wicca has a few chronic things that keep popping up- in her case she is thin- but is hard on her body which isn't really great for the kinds of things we ask them to do...

It is a tough call sometimes- Wicca loves agility, and I can't imagine not letting her play, but I know there will be a time in the future where she will be unable to play anymore because of her broken down body.

Anybody who says agility is not tough on our dogs body is lying.

But- I do think that with proper warm ups, stretches, and fitness that you can delay any long term problems.

Although it sucked not doing agility with Wicca for the past five weeks I do think that it has given her body a chance to recuperate, and hopefully will make her that much more sound. So sometimes a break can be a good thing.

Jules said...

Thanks, Diana.

Yes, Dawn - you are so right. Hopefully Buggie can recuperate and finish the pesky CH at the same time. Then get nice and lean again.

MMP - I am hoping that Bug recovers nicely and it doesn't become a chronic issue. We can do flat work and hopefully continue with chiropractic care, massage, and stretching until he is healed. I should have a somewhat better idea of what is going on this Wednesday. I *hope*!

Blue said...

Poor Buggie. Keeping all fingers and paws crossed that he starts feeling better soon. We'll miss you guys in class this week.

Jules said...

Thanks, Blue. I will be running the mont-monster today. Katrin is very kind. So I will see you, but be Bug-less.

ann-and-partner said...

Good luck bug. We'll be thinking of you.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Look on the bright side, maybe you and I can buy Traumeel in bulk and split it? ;D

Injuries suck. :( I've been blessed by only really ever having one with Tessie (ripped paw pad). Seems like Strata and Bug are magnets for them. Just when you think you're getting all of your stuff together, and your jumping/weave poles/whatever is coming along great, BAM, somebody's sore. I think "it could be worse!" has become our mantra!

Have you considered not doing -any- agility until the breed championship is finished and the weight is off?

Jules said...

LOL! Yes, cases of Traumeel!

Yes, that is the new plan. No weaves until the weight is off. He started back to his regular ration of food today. I figure given the time it took for him to become a porker, taking the weight off should happen at about the same pace. Hopefully he will finish end of May beginning of June.

Otherwise, I don't know. Given the wear and tear on his body the weight is causing I am really stressed about the thought of keeping him heavier any longer. I have a herding lesson scheduled for May that I might cancel - I am afraid he might hurt himself with the weight. Cross your paws.

Nancy said...

I hope Bug is starting to feel much better! It is hard when your best pal is not feeling well
take care,
Nancy and Stewie