Friday, April 17, 2009

Springfield and Fun Runs

Bug and I went out to Springfield today. The other dog did not show, so zero points were available. Bug won his class (obviously) and went Best of Opposite.

I tried standing in front of Bug while he was on the table and he leaned away from the judge! Granted, he had a chiropractic adjustment on Wednesday (his pelvis was out) and he was tender.

So, I learned that I will most likely NOT stand in front of Bug on the table in the future. I do feel like he moved well for me. I tried to lengthen my stride and incorporate all of the tips people had for me.

Then we headed to Wrentham to help set up for the weekend's trial and the Fun Run. I was more nervous about the Fun Run than I care to acknowledge. I thought Bug was going to go hog-wild being outside on a warm gorgeous day and have no use for me. He was totally awesome. He stayed with me and was happy as a clam to be running through tunnels! Hooray! I was floored. I am trying not to be so shocked.

After two runs we saw Cheryl for his Phase 1 adjustment and his pelvis was out AGAIN!! No wonder he was leaning away from the judge while she was feeling his back and hips. He was also funny about standing on the table at the Dirty Dawg Wash Thursday night. all makes sense now.

I am so worried about him. Usually he holds his adjustments really well, but he has been off and in pain since we started putting the weight on for the breed shows and learning weaves. I am not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg, but I suspect they are both to blame and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Yuck.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a nice day - mid-60's and sunny (at least in the morning). I am looking forward to agility with Carmie!


Dawn said...

Sorry Bug is having issues, poor fellow. Did he beat any girls for best of winners or anything-if he did he can get points for that too. Although I know the judges tend to like heavier dogs, I dont let mine get very heavy anyways. I had one judge comment that my girl was lean, and I just said well she does agility. That judge put her up so apparently they dont all dislike lean. Glad the fun run went well!

Jules said...

No, there was one girl and she took Best of Breed. oh well. The cardi people at shows seem to think he is still lean, but from an agility perspective he is a porker. Very good to hear you lean girl still gets put up.