Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tues. Nite Agility - Jumpers

Last night’s class was a jumpers course.

First run-through was okay. I chose to do a rear cross where I would typically squeeze in a front cross (heading into a pinwheel). I was very good about doing the rear cross on the flat and having CARMEN do the cross (not me) – the first two times.

Coming out of the pinwheel I almost lost Carmie to a series of straight jumps. Next attempt I turned my shoulders sooner and still almost lost her. Katrin noted that I was telling her Jump and then Here versus Here-Jump. That small change helped tremendously.

Carmen was VERY slow last night. At first I thought maybe she needs a chiropractic adjustment (she is due next week), but Katrin said her jumping form was nice. So either she was having an off night or her eyes are worsening. The lighting in the barn is adequate but not super.

I did notice significant hesitation with the tire. I really think it is something about how she sees it. She doesn’t have issues with the tire in trials – just Katrin’s tire! It is really strange. I was really able to witness her gathering herself up though, so ….

It was an okay class. Second run throughs weren’t as nice as the first. First attempt I did the rear cross, but Carmie’s treat got caught in her beard and I ended up doing the crossing, not her. We did finally nail the jump-here coming out of the pinwheel. Second attempt I decided to do a front cross as Carmie was moving fairly slow. We almost crashed - she sped up because I was running faster. Which does make me wonder if the speed issue is because I was running slower to try and allow the RC to happen?

In other news, the last three weeks we have been working on down in class (and only in class!) between runs. Last night I stopped the exaggerated hand motion and waited patiently for Carmie to get it. I had those Spanish brown eyes staring at me with such an intense look of inquisition, trying to figure out what I wanted ….then s-l-o-w-l-y DOWN. I am very proud of her for making the leap. It is odd to me how she can excel at agility and yet not be as operant as Ike and Bug. I am VERY hopefully this mental breakthrough will help her weaves continue to progress.


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

If I recall, isn't Katrin's tire mostly black? Been awhile since I've seen it but I recall it being dark. That would greatly affect visibility.

Katrin said...

it's royal blue with yellow stripes and a white PVC frame. no black.

Jules said...

No, it is royal blue with white. I do think perhaps it is Carmie's vision none-the-less.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Tires at shows are typically really bright, light colors -- like yellow, light purple, and lots of white. The white frame helps but the dog is looking for the hole, and if s/he can't distinguish it from shadows or the ground, it's going to make it harder.