Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tues. Nite Classes: Loaner CWC and Weaves

Last night was the first night of the new agility session. Bug's class is at 6:30 and Carmie's is at 7:30. Bug is slightly broken at the moment, so Katrin let me work Monty. How fun!!

I had a blast running the Mont-a-monster. He is such a fast little doggie and naturally has such nice distance. Last night's courses involved distance challenges and I had to be super careful with Mont to give him enough space. I kept pushing him around jumps. It was an excellent learning experience for me.

While waiting for our turn we working on "Doggie Zen" (because he can be a bit of a shark) and "Down."

There must have been some confusion about the start of the new session because no one showed up for Carmie's class!! The course had a three distance challenges and Carmen nailed two out of three.

She had great difficulty coming off the dog walk to go out to a jump. I am not clear why. She didn't have the momentum she had in either of the other distance challenges (coming out of a tunnel and off the weaves), so that might be why. It is also a corner she tends to have a bit of difficulty with (a little bit dimmer), so not clear if that is part of it too. Either way I am going to set up my teeter and some jumps in a similar pattern at home to practice that configuration and increase our distance.

During the course she did her weave poles with one cage on and had super entries even coming off a couple of jumps with some nice speed. After we were done I ran Carmie over a jump and through the weave poles with ZERO cages a couple of times and she NAILED them. She was also faster than she has been at home. I am so excited! I am still mentally doing a happy dance! Yay, Carmie.

All in all a very nice couple of classes.


Diana said...

It so great when things start to come together. WooHoo for weave poles. Diana

manymuddypaws said...

that is great news about the weaves!!!